Our guest DJ, 

      Monty, the wonderdoggie 

easy, convenient parking around the corner at the Oddfellows Hall

   Beginners learning West Coast Swing

Welcome to social partner dancing​,

also called "Ballroom", "Couples dancing", or "touch dancing".

    Just Dance Swing Ballroom


                           (an easier to remember website name)

  located in the KICKS Studio across from the SRJC

          1426 Mendocino Ave. next to Chick-Fil-A

                            and also in Windsor         

                   call 707 529-1332 and

             talk directly with the owner

                 Email: dance@sonic.net

Group, Private, and Wedding

       Dance Lessons

     We want to help you achieve your dance goals in the

 most budget friendly and least complicated way possible.

 the best 4 week Group classes for only $39.

      Private lessons $75. for a full 60 minutes!

    You can enjoy learning to dance very well

                  Please Support your

             Local Independent Studio

  • no National Chain Franchise fees
  • no Big Overhead to cover
  • no Expensive long term Contracts to sell you
  • no Personal Pressure to sign up
  • no Inexperienced newbie Instructors
  • no costly "free lesson" to lure you in, then upsell you





               Professional, Experienced

 Dance Instruction for non-competitive  folks who just want to dance better

       at an informal and fun Studio!

          Your local Swing, Salsa, and Ballroom

                           partner dance specialist.

            27 years of helping your inner dancers

          to share the joy of dancing well together.


                    Group Lessons

           Santa Rosa Swing Tuesdays

                  at KICKS  dance studio

                     3 lessons per night:

            1 Beginner and 2 Intermediate

             East and West Coast Swing

                     on the same night!

Please note : 

Tuesday Group classes are on Summer Break during July and August.

We return in September.

Private lessons are always available  at your convenience;

days, evenings, and weekends.


707 529-1332.

           *to see current class schedule and fees*

                            *please scroll down*

              Couples Love our classes

     and can stay together at KICKS

                Private Lessons 

                    in any dance style

               to fit into your schedule 

             a full 60 minutes for just $75. total cost or

                      get 10 lessons with 9 paid lessons


     Wedding First Dance Help

         with choreography to your song

                available at your convenience

             just call Denny at 707 529-1332

         for your special event. Lesson packages starting at $375. for 5  full hours of instruction.

      KICKS is your Swing Headquarters

                   We are also great at Salsa,

                  ChaCha,  Night Club 2 Step,

           Country 2 Step,  Waltz, '70's ​Hustle.

             We even teach general freestyle

                    party dancing to get you

                in the groove and confident.

Call us for more information.

707 529-1332.

Denny Freeman has taught dance to thousands of students and Wedding couples in Sonoma County for over 27 years. A former advanced competitor, Judge, and Studio owner, he is dedicated to teaching excellent dance technique while having fun as well.

          We also love to get your guests moving to

             our great music and awesome sound

           DJ at reasonable cost

               for your Special event and                          Residential and Corporate parties

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         Your business support and referrals

                      are greatly appreciated.

                           Thank You so much!

"Our goal is to provide technically excellent and fun lessons so you can become confident social dancers anywhere you go"

          Open Dance Practice 

          ​next to  Chick-fil-A

  and across from SRJC garage

       707 529-1332​         easier to remember website name:


  please join our latest info update email list

              just send your full name and

                      email address  to:                                                dance@sonic.net                

​                   Party fun at KICKS

KICKS has the best spacious dancefloor, great HVAC, comfortable seating, lower volume sound.

 please call w/ any Q's or to discuss how we can help

707 529-1332

COUPLES are never required to rotate. 

Stay together for your night out.

SINGLES rotate in class and we usually have

a good balance of leaders and followers.

 2018 SCHEDULE and Fees

     at KICKS on Tuesday evenings

              (3)  50 minute Beginner and Intermediate lessons:

                          30 minutes of SWING group instruction

                                      plus the special feature of:

                                 20 minutes of Teacher Assisted

                              practice included with each lesson.

                                  So, less overwhelming lessons

                           and lots of practice before you leave.


choose 1 dance class 4 lessons:

per night fee one time $15. or only $39. for all 4 weeks of lessons.

choose  2 dance classes 8 lessons:

per night fee $21. or only $60. for all 4 weeks of lessons.

Just want to practice with Teacher Assistance?  

pay only $5.00  in between lessons.

Call Denny to register for monthly discounts  

707 529-1332.

We encourage you to join us for a month of our fun, very basic Introductory Beginner lessons,

then progress to the Intermediate lessons to learn more moves and improve your dance technique.


                         of 2018


we will be on  Summer Break for Tuesday Group lessons

during  July and August. Private lessons yes, anytime!

SEPTEMBER 04,11,18,25.    4 weeks $39.

6:30 Beginner EAST COAST SWING

         (Big Band , '50's Rock, faster Blues)

7:00 Teacher Assisted DJ Dance Practice

7:20 Intermediate EAST COAST SWING

7:50  Teacher Assisted DJ Dance Practice

8:10  Intermediate WEST COAST SWING

8:40 Teacher Assisted DJ Dance Practice

OCTOBER 02,09,16,23,30.  5 weeks $49.
6:30 Beginner WEST COAST SWING

          (slower Blues, Funk, Pop, Contempo)

        "The Official State Dance of California"
7:00 Teacher Assisted DJ Dance Practice
7:20 Intermediate WEST COAST SWING
7:50  Teacher Assisted DJ Dance Practice
8:10  Intermediate EAST COAST SWING
8:40 Teacher Assisted DJ Dance Practice

       Learning to Dance from Chaos to Clarity"       using the Efficient Dancer Technique (EDT)

     for all Classes with Denny at KICKS.​            Private lessons by Appointment

in any dance style

daytime, evening, and weekend available call 707 529-1332

our students receive full 60 minute lessons 

expert, individual instruction in the dance styles listed below

for 1 or 2 students only $75.

speed up your learning at a convenient time for you.

save $75. Pay for 9 lessons and get 1 free.

Wedding First Dance Special Package

(5) 60 minute lessons and

Choreography to your song for $375.

We can teach you a dynamite, easy to learn routine

for your Special Day. Don't delay this call!

Great, reasonable cost pro DJ for your event, also.


Have a group of friends and finding it difficult

for everyone to fit into a scheduled class time?

Would you like to arrange a special class just for you

at a time that works for everyone?

Weekends day or evening, too! 

We can figure out times and special group pricing.

Just call Denny at 707 529-1332

DJ services for your event

Weddings, corporate, holiday parties. Big or small.

We love to get your guests moving.

All musical  styles can be played on our multispeaker

PRO JBL EON system with Laptop source

and available lightshow.

We can even include a dance lesson

for your guests if you like!

We are experts in teaching

Several forms of Swing :

-East Coast Swing/Jitterbug (Big Band, Faster Blues, and Rock n Roll)

-West Coast Swing (Slower Blues, Pop, and Funk, classic and current)

-Balboa, Charleston (modern)

and other partner dances :

- Salsa,  real club style

- Cha Cha Cha


- Night Club Two Step  aka Fancy Slowdancing

as well as:

-Country Two Step


but not so much the dances like:

Foxtrot, Rumba, Tango, Quickstep

or International Ballroom Styles

Location and Parking 

Dancing with Denny is located in the KICKS Studio 

on Mendocino Ave. across from the SR Junior College

next to Chick-Fil-A. 

KICKS Parking is easy around the corner on Pacific Ave.

in the Oddfellows Hall big lot.

Get a car dashboard permit at the Studio.

About Your host and teacher,

Denny Freeman

has taught hundreds of dancers and

Wedding couples, competed in Swing dancing

and trophied in the top 3 in major advanced

level national competitions, and even judged

many dance contests for more than 20 years.

Think of Denny as your dance guide, showing

you the pathways and skills that make

partner dancing work for you.


Just Dance Swing Ballroom Santa Rosa, Ca.

Swing, Salsa, Ballroom Dance Lessons and Parties

​Denny Freeman